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Water Softener Repair

Making sure your water softener is taken care of and well maintained is essential to having filtered water in your home. Water softeners provide clean drinking water by separating minerals such as calcium and magnesium from drinking water, making it safer to consume. With proper maintenance by one of our plumbing technicians, you can ensure that scale buildup is carefully separated from your water without any problems.

Hard vs Soft Water

The importance of having a healthy water supply goes beyond just having clean drinking water. Hard water, which is water filled with dissolved minerals from the ground, can have a negative effect on household chores and appliances. The excess from the minerals causes residue build up on your clothes or dishes and the minerals itself can force appliances to work even harder to perform their everyday tasks. Soft water provides a safer and cleaner water supply that best helps your entire household.

Water Softener Filtration and Water Treatment

Water softeners provide filtration by using sodium to bond to the other natural minerals to separate them from the water in the tank. This means the only mineral available in soft water is sodium. To ensure cleaner water for your home and a steady running softener, contact About Plumbing to keep up with any maintenance and repairs.

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