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Water Line Installation

At About Plumbing, we provide professional water line installations and water line repairs. Water lines are the main source of water from you local city. The water line system includes individual water pipes that branch off, and allow various plumbing fixtures and faucets to deliver water. Like any other line or pipe, they are subject to clogging, damages, and leaks.

We are Jefferson County’s leading plumbers when it comes to water line installation and repair. Our team is highly experienced and capable of replacing current water lines in addition to installing brand new water lines. We come equipped with some of the most innovative plumbing technologies, which allows us to work quickly and efficiently.

At About Plumbing, our knowledge and expertise extends to beyond traditional methods of water pipe installation. Our capabilities also expend to non-traditional methods like trenchless water line installation and repair. Trenchless methods do not require the digging of large, property damaging trenches.

To request services for water line installation, please give us a call. Whether you’re gathering estimates, or ready to schedule services, we’re happy to help you.

Specialty Water Lines

Outside of main water lines, we also provide specialty water line installations. This includes washing machine water lines, and other appliances like the fridge. When you’re installing new appliances, it’s usually best to have a plumber provide assistance.

  • Washing Machine Water Lines
  • Fridge/Freezer Water Lines
  • Outside Hose Water Lines

Contact our plumbers today to request service in Jefferson County and surrounding areas. Our technicians are fast, friendly, and reliable.

Water Line Materials

When replacing or installing a new water line, there are a few things to consider. One of these things is the type of materials used for your water line. This comes with a few options:

  • Plastic Tubing – Practical and affordable, but also subject to punctures and kinks.
  • Copper Tubing – More durable, and the most common household option.
  • Steel Tubing – The most durable (and expensive), while also significantly reducing the risk of future damages.

When installing a new water line, the cheapest route may lead to problems further down the line. We work with you to provide flexible options, affordable pricing, and we always work to provide the best recommendation for your household’s plumbing needs.

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