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Kitchen Remodeling Plumbers

Inspecting the plumbing during a kitchen remodel should always be the first priority before installing anything. With all the plumbing exposed, it is much easier to examine and make any changes needed. Our trained plumbers at About Plumbing can provide assurance during the renovations to ensure that everything is properly installed and changed. Besides inspecting household plumbing, our technicians will also handle any appliance, countertop or sink set up.

New Countertops and Sink

A major part of kitchen renovation happens to be updating the sink and countertops. They are two components that can really make the design of the room stand out. Ensuring that the sink is placed in correctly, the water lines are installed accordingly, and the garbage disposal is perfectly hooked up are part of the fundamentals of sink installation. To guarantee proper installation not just of the sink and plumbing but the countertop as well, it’s best to contact one of our professional plumbers. We will make sure to take all the proper steps to prevent any future leaks, draining issues, or water pressure problems.

New Kitchen Appliances

Installing new kitchen appliances isn’t a difficult task, however if they are being moved to a different location then the plumbing will have to be accommodated to meet the needs of the appliance. Water lines may need to be added or installed depending on the needs and location of the appliance. Each of our technicians can properly install and replace any new or old appliance including dishwashers, sinks, and fridges.

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