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Garbge Disposal Installation and Repair

We have the plumber that can take care of your garbage disposal installation and repair needs. Our skilled plumbers can replace or repair all makes and models. Our team of plumbing experts is continually training to learn any new knowledge and technology in their technical fields. That allows us to solve your garbage disposal problems quickly with superior service, efficiency, and cost-savings for you.

We have a full line of residential and commercial garbage disposals and we are able to provide these services to every home and business.

As a tip, if you turn on your disposal and there is a humming noise but nothing is happening, turn off the power and try cleaning out the disposal. If there is no noise, turn off the power, clean out the disposal, try pressing the reset button on the bottom of your garbage disposal, then try turning on the power again. If it doesn’t work give us a call and we’ll be able to solve the issue. 

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