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Commercial Leaks and Repairs

Commercial plumbing systems are so large and complex that many times, the system itself is interconnected throughout the property. This means that a leak in the plumbing can cause problems throughout the whole building. And with such a large area to cover, leaks can come quite frequently.

Toilet Leaks

Toilets in commercial businesses get a lot of daily use. That wear and tear means parts break down quicker and issues such as leaks tend to arise. Luckily these parts are not that expensive and are fairly easy to fix. However, if the leak stays untreated, then issues such as an increased water bill or long-term damage to the other parts of the toilet could occur.

Faucets Leaks

Just like toilet leaks, faucet leaks are another common issue. They are usually the result of worn down parts and are the known cause of the annoying faucet drip.This may seem like a small issue but over time can lead to extensive water loss. On average, a leaky faucet can lead to about 5 gallons of water lost a day. If continued to be left untreated, other parts in the faucet can break down and a replacement becomes necessary.

Water Pipes

These leaks can be some of the most bothersome. Piping in commercial businesses tend to run underground and up through the walls to accommodate the whole building, so finding the area of concern can be a challenge. Signs of a water pipe leak include:

1. Water stains
2. Bulging walls
3. Swollen areas of paint
4. Foul smells
5. Mold
6. Outdoor areas of wet soil

A leak that goes unnoticed will cause damage to both the plumbing and other parts of the building, leading to much greater expenses in the long run.

Basement Leaks

Basement leaks can occur from a number of different issues. Poor waterproofing of the water pipes, deterioration of the home, or a poor slope to keep water from building up on the side of the home. Whatever the issue may be, it is best to find it as quickly as possible to make sure no further damage occurs.

With any leak that may occur, About Plumbing is able to solve them all. Over 20 years of experience working on commercial properties guarantees professional results when repairing any leak. Contact one of our plumbers for the right approach to combat any commercial leaks or plumbing problems.

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