4 Easy Ways to Save Water at Home

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4 Ways to Save Water At Home

Just like a lot of other homeowners, you’ve probably spent time wondering, “how can we save water?” Whether you’re looking to help the environment or just hoping to save a little extra money on your water bill, this is a topic that remains on the mind of many.

The average American household uses 400 gallons of water per day. To put that into perspective, if you drink an average of 8 glasses of water a day, that means the average American household uses enough water to drink for up to 800 days! So you can see why saving water is so important.

Imagine how much water and money you can save over the course of a month if you took some additional action to conserve. To help get started, we came up with 4 water saving tips that we suggest to keep your water bill down and save gallons a day.

1. Turn Off the Tap!

This is the one piece of advice anyone looking to save water already knows about. Whether brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, or even just washing your hands, turning off the tap can make a significant difference. But do you know how much is actually saved by turning off the tap?

Water comes out of the average faucet at 2.5 gallons per minute. This may not sound like a lot to some people but when you think about it, it really is. To go back to the drinking water analogy, this means you waste about 5 days of drinking water each minute the sink stays running. That’s a lot of wasted water. Not to mention the amount of money that’s also going down the drain.

2. Fix Any Current Leaks and Keep An Eye On Your Water Bill to Spot Any New Leaks

At first, a leaking faucet may not seem like it wastes much water, but even the smallest leaks — such as a general faucet drip — can waste up to 5 gallons of water a day. If that same faucet leak goes untreated for a year, it becomes roughly 2,082 gallons of wasted water per year.

Also, be aware of any sudden spikes in your water bill. If you notice a sudden rise, there’s a good chance that a leak is the culprit. If you can’t find the leak yourself, or if it’s a bigger fix than you expected, call one of our specially trained plumbers at About Plumbing to fix any plumbing problem or leak you may have. With special training in their field and up-to-date knowledge of any new trends in the industry, each of our technicians has what it takes to provide a quick and cost-efficient solution to your problem.

3. Take Shorter Showers

This may seem like another no-brainer that you’ve probably heard about thousands of times. But did you know that a four-minute shower uses approximately 20-40 gallons of water?

One way to cut down on water use in the shower is to turn off the water while soaping up, then turn it back on when it’s time to rinse. You can also install a simple shower timer to limit just how much time you actually spend in there. Imagine how many gallons that cuts off your total daily water usage.

4. Choose Efficient Fixtures

Your dream faucet or roomy washer may not always be getting you the best deal on savings. Sure, they just so happen to be the ones you ultimately wanted, but if you’re looking to save money, it might be wiser to invest in more water efficient fixtures. Investments such as buying a faucet with a built-in aerator, switching to a low-flow toilet, choosing efficient shower heads, and opting for a Water Sense-rated dishwasher and washing machine, can add up to some savings on the next water bill.

Of course, the thought of getting all new fixtures, and the hassle of installation can be overwhelming. At About Plumbing, our specialists are well-trained in installation and repair for any of the water fixtures you may purchase. Before you know it, we’ll have your new fixtures installed, and you can effortlessly begin saving water.

Start Saving

Now that you know some efficient ways to save water around the house, expect the savings to come flowing in. Not to mention the amount of water you’ll be conserving for the environment as well. If any issues or concerns come up when installing or fixing any fixtures or leaks, call us at About Plumbing to assist you, and provide a quick and easy solution for it all.

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